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  • biscuit: n. 1. 餅干〈美國叫 cracker〉;〈美國〉熱松餅。2. 餅干色,淡褐色。3. 本色陶[瓷]器,素坯。
  • cap: n 1 無邊帽,便帽;制服帽;軍帽;頭巾。2 鞘,(筆)套,蓋,罩子;(鞋)尖。3 【建築】柱頭;【礦物...
  • paper: n 1 紙;裱墻紙。2 報紙,報。3 收據;債券;證券;票據;匯票;鈔票(=paper money)。4 〈pl 〉身份...

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  1. In this paper, thermal evolution history of organic matter of the source rocks and hydrocarbon generation history have been researched by tti method, hydrocarbon migration direction and migration times were probed combining with the area structure development feature ; distribution pattern of the main reservoir intervals on lateral and longitudinal have been predicted by researching on development feature and control factors of the reservoir intervals, the actions of reservoir conditions in hydrocarbon accumulation and bearing also were probed combining with pore evolution feature ; the micro - pore feature of regional cap and direct seal in carboniferous - lower triassic in this area have been determined with micro - capillary pressure curve and intrusive mercury curve ; the prospecting districts have been pointed out combining with the hydro - geologic feature, the potential reservoirs were classified according to trap types in this area, the author attempt to evaluate on the hydrocarbon - bearing condition in the str ata of carboniferous ~ lower triassic from hydrocarbon generation and migration reservoir condition, reserved condition etc, and predict the reservoir types and hydrocarbon - bearing patterns combining with the structure evolution. based on above, the author point out that the central block of chenghu - tuditang synclinorium and the southern block of dangyang synclinorium are the advantageous regions for exploration

  2. The main popular theoretical method adopted to study end - plate connection is finite element technique under monotonic loading at present. this paper applies nonlinear ( material, geometry and contact ) finite element method to analyze the behaviors of connections under cyclic load at fist time. contact elements are set between end plate and column flange, screw cap and neighborhood plane, bolt bar and hole

  3. Secondly, this paper made some theoretic researches on its engineering classfication and applicable scope for this technology ; then combining with project example, this paper carried out scheme design for this technology, and compared some different kinds of underpinning scheme and node and structure design, and put forward the method of " reinforcce steel bar through column " to build pile cap beam, " resistant bend and shear anchored reinforce steel bar " to strengthen column consolidation effect, and the method of " steel plate hoop " to build reinforcing bar connection of the foundation beam, etc. in the process of the consturction scheme research and implement, this paper synthetically elaborated the organizaton for project construction, put forward the construction technical measure of specific aim on the artificial pile, and pile cap beam, and underground adding layer and structure stabilization, and overall structure stabilization and so on. for this project, adopt reinforcing bar concrete to brace hole wall to ensure the safety of engineering in the artificial pile construction, use flexible connection catch to make the cage hoisting easier to simplify the construction process, use the method of earthwork statified symmetrical balance in the process of underground adding layer excavation

    本文首先對于基礎托換與結構加固技術的目的和意義、國內外發展狀況進行了綜合闡述;其次對該項技術工程分類及適應范圍進行了理論上的分析研究;然後結合工程實例對該項技術進行了方案設計,對比幾種不同的托換方案和節點及構造設計,提出了「通筋穿柱法」做承臺梁, 「抗彎抗剪錨筋法」強化柱加固效果, 「鋼板箍法」做地基梁鋼筋連接點等多項技術;在施工方案的研究和實施過程中,對于工程施工組織進行綜合闡述,並就人工挖孔樁、承臺梁、地下加層及結構加固、整體結構穩定等專項施工方案提出有針對性的施工技術措施,人工挖孔樁施工採用鋼筋砼護壁確保挖孔樁的安全成型,使用柔性連接鉤進行鋼筋籠吊裝簡化施工工序;承臺梁施工採用梁主筋橫穿柱身化學膠錨固等;地下加層綜合施工技術採用土方分層對稱平衡開挖,分段挖土做筏基結構自穩等;最後對于該工程實施后的效果分析,說明該項綜合施工技術的可行性。
  4. In the light of the low - lying pile cap foundations designed for main piers no. 2 and no. 3 of tianluo bridge on wenzhou - fuzhou railway. this paper describes the ways to resolve the construction problems of the foundations in deep water in sea and at seabed that is steep and without overburden, using the construction techniques of underwater rock blasting, steel cofferdam floating, positioning, bottom sealing and manual pile digging

    摘要針對溫福鐵路田螺大橋2號、 3號主墩設計上採用低樁承臺基礎情況,介紹運用水下巖石爆破,浮運鋼圍堰就位、封底、人工挖孔樁等施工技術解決海上深水、河床陡峭且無覆蓋層的基礎施工難題。
  5. A preliminary agreement ) except otherwise provided in the stamp duty ordinance ( cap. 117 ). subject to certain conditions, an electronic or paper application can be made for deferral of payment of stamp duty of a chargeable agreement until the related assignment is executed or re - sale of the property, as the case may be. the maximum period of deferral is 3 years after the date of the earliest agreement