bismuth free lead中文意思是什麼

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  • bismuth: n. 【化學】鉍〈略作 Bi〉。
  • free: adj (freer; freest)1 自由的,自主的;自立的。 a free action 自由行動。 free competition 自由競...
  • lead: n 1 鉛,鉛製品。2 【航海】測鉛,測深錘,水砣。3 〈pl 〉(鋪屋頂的)鉛皮;鉛皮屋頂;【印刷】插鉛,...

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  1. Lead - free soldering stations, intelligent rework stations, soldering pot, ionizing air guns, smoke absorber, glue dispensers, soldering multi - testers, industrial tools

  2. Bismuth ruthenate and silver were selected as conductor phases and the mixture of calcium oxide - alumina - silicon dioxide ( cao - al _ 2o _ 3 - sio _ 2 ) glass and lead oxide - boron oxide - silicon dioxide ( pbo - b _ 2o _ 3 - sio _ 2 ) glass was selected as inorganic binder phases. it was found that, with the increasing of volume fraction of silver and conductor phase, sheet resistivities descend and there are critical thresholds

  3. This paper puts emphasis on : the free - rider both in value - added and monitoring activities, puts forward that the arrangement of equity can incent the non - lead experienced venture capitalists and mitigate their motivation of free rider, suggests letting syndicators take turns to be the dealer to solve the free rider problem in monitoring activities

  4. The use of lead-free petrol is now being phased in.

  5. Adopted ofc oxygen free copper into lead terminals for improvement of tone quality