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  • black: n 布萊克〈姓氏〉。adj 1 黑,黑色的。2 暗的;黑暗的。3 (教士等)穿黑衣的。4 污染的,(手等)弄臟...
  • fundamental: adj 1 基礎的,基本的,根本的,重要的;原始的,主要的。2 【物理學】基頻的,基諧波的;【音樂】基音...
  • matter: n 1 物質 (opp spirit mind);物體。2 【邏輯學】命題的本質;【哲學】內容 (opp form);(書籍、演...

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  1. A black hole can accrete matter into itself as the matter falls or is pulled towards it. the accreting material then orbits around the black hole, forming an accretion disk

  2. Black, jr., wrote : ". . forced feeding on trivial fare is not itself a trivial matter. " i think this society is being force - fed with trivial fare, and i fear that the effects on our habits of mind, our language, our tolerance for effort, and our appetite for complexity are only dimly perceived

  3. We have come to appreciate fundamental similarities between all of the various forms of radiant energy and matter.

  4. After new china is established, espec - ially since reforming and opening - up, chinese government has paid much attention to developping education, 《 chi nese education reform and development outline 》 point out : " must put and have pr iority strategic position of development education, make great efforts and improve t hought morals and level of science and culture of the whole nation ' this realizes the modernized basic matter of fundamental importance of our country

    新中國成立后,特別是改革開放以來,中國政府就一直非常重視教育的改革和發展,並在《中國教育改革和發展綱要》中明確指出: 「必須把教育擺在優先發展的戰略地位,努力提高全民族的思想道德和科學文化水平,這是實現我國現代化的根本大計。 」
  5. I will tell you something : it is not a matter of honor to stand up to the big boys, to claim a sense of worth by challenging them, by attempting to be equal to them without being one of them. ? you see, the fundamental conflict there