blasting certificate中文意思是什麼

blasting certificate解釋

  • blasting: 爆破工程
  • certificate: n. 1. 證明書;執照,憑照;(畢業)文憑。2. 證券,單據。3. 明證。vt. 發證明給…,批準;認可,鑒定。 a certificated teacher 鑒定合格的教員,正式教員。

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  1. Ketsumyaku certificate of affiliation to a lineage

  2. Shipment transhipment on israell flag vessel / air craft not allowed. certificate of compliance required

  3. Insurant pays to pay cash first, hold the following data to protect pay business window to submit an expense account to medical service of social security branch next : ( one ) id photocopy ; ( 2 ) ic blocks xerox ; ( 3 ) collect fees receipt original ; ( 4 ) collect fees detail is only ; ( 5 ) anamnesis of be in hospital or leave hospital brief summary photocopy ; ( 6 ) the disease diagnoses certificate, the ability that belong to cure kind charge, still must offer an examination to diagnose report odd photocopy

    被保險人先墊付現金,然後持以下資料到社保部門醫保待遇業務窗報銷: (一)身份證復印件; (二) ic卡復印件; (三)收費收據原件; (四)收費明細單; (五)住院病歷或出院小結復印件; (六)疾病診斷證實書,屬醫技類費用,還須提供檢查診斷報告單復印件。
  4. If the aforesaid party still fails to fulfill its obligations upon expiration of the time limit, the examination and approval authorities shall withdraw and nullify the venture ' s approval certificate, and the administrative authorities for industry and commerce shall revoke the business license and make an annunciation

  5. Mine blasting certificate