blending ink中文意思是什麼

blending ink解釋

  • blending: n. 混合;融合;配料;折衷;【語言學】合成。
  • ink: n 1 墨水;(印刷用的)油墨。2 (烏賊分泌的)墨液。3 〈俚語〉咖啡;廉價酒。vt 1 用墨水寫;塗油墨;...

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  1. Paper and board - tester of ink absorbency

  2. The performance characteristic of apocynum & cotton and the spinning technological process of blended yarn is introduced, the technology key of every process such as pretreatment. scutching, carding, drawing, roving and spinning are analyzed in detail, the influence of different blending ratio on yarn property is discussed in order to offer guide of apocynum & cotton blended yarn production

  3. It is necessary to move an appreciable mass of ink or lead.

  4. Edge of the granule image by video is the key of its image partition, the article tries to carry through a deeper research on image partition at the same time. granule is made up of savageness mater and industry material ( including of rock, sand, earth, atomy, steel, china, concrete, ink powder, magnetism powder, light fine and tiny powder used silicon, cell etc. )

  5. Bigger looked about and saw the pile of white bones lying atop a table; beside them lay the kidnap note, held in place by a bottle of ink.