block flooring中文意思是什麼

block flooring解釋

  • block: n 1 片,塊,大塊;粗料,毛料;木料;石料;金屬塊;【建築】塊料,砌塊;【地質學;地理學】地塊。2 ...
  • flooring: n. 1. 室內地面;鋪地板。2. 鋪地板的材料。

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  3. The company specialized production sludge dehydrator, oil water separator, block the dirt machine, the purifier, polymer auto feeder and so on each kind of sewage treatment mechanical device and cloth ( yq - screen mesh ), polymer agglutinant consumes thematerial

  4. The analysis chamber consists of a metal block which houses an annulus.

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