1. Hd dvds are exclusively compatible with hd dvd players, and cannot be played on conventional dvd players or blu - ray disc players

      Hd dvd影碟只適用於hd dvd播放機,並不能於一般的dvd播放機或blu - ray影碟機上播放
    2. Even if microsoft supported hd - dvd it would not be difficult to write software to enable pcs to use the blu - ray disc standard, he said

      他表示,即使微軟支持hd - dvd ,要編寫軟體讓個人電腦使用藍光光盤標準也不是難事。
    3. Then earlier this month, hollywood ' s biggest seller of dvds announced its choice in the fight between blu - ray and hd dvd. warner brothers will support only blu - ray starting in june

    4. Two rival camps introduced high - definition dvd players last year : a consortium called blu - ray, backed by sony and others, and a group called hd - dvd, backed by toshiba and microsoft

    5. Thus, for instance, a copy of 20th century fox ' s “ ice age : the meltdown ” is available only on blu - ray, while universal ' s “ the break - up ” can be viewed only on a disc and player built with hd - dvd technology