boat arrival中文意思是什麼

boat arrival解釋

  • boat: n 1 小舟,小船,(小)艇,(大船所載)救生艇;帆船,漁船。2 汽輪〈常指小汽輪〉;郵船,大輪船。3 ...
  • arrival: n. 1. 到達,抵達。2. 到達者;到達物。3. 出現,登場。4. 新生嬰兒。

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  1. Now the audience was abuzz, wondering what tesla was going to do with his miniature lake and the six - foot boat that floated on its surface

    觀眾交頭接耳,猜想著特士拉設置這座迷你湖以及湖上那艘1 . 8公尺長的船,究竟有何用意。
  2. However, one of them woke sooner than the other, finding the boat too fast aground for him to stir it.

  3. Meanwhile, his friend caught an albacore too ! finally, everybody on the boat got into this action and we stayed there for about four or five hours bringing in albacore tuna that were about twenty pounds each

  4. The boat drew alongside the bank.

  5. Depart for manila. upon arrival, meet and transferred to puerto galera by car and boat