boke beater中文意思是什麼

boke beater解釋

  • boke: 波開
  • beater: n. 1. 打擊者;幫助獵人從隱蔽處趕出野獸的助手。2. 杵,槌,錘,夯具;【造紙】打漿機,攪拌器;【紡織;印染】打手,翼子板;彈(棉)花器。

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  1. And he looked a whole lot different in a wife - beater

  2. Specification for picks, beater picks and mattocks

  3. Our main products include : series of zinc, aluminum and stainless steel stretching and typecast products, such as juicer, coffee pot, ice crusher, seafood clamp, lemon tong, nut cracker, garlic press, egg beater and meat hammer. our proucts are sold far to europe, america, southeast asia and so on

  4. Specification of 3 - phase large - middle sized asynchronous motor for coal beater mill

  5. The dances such as happy - drum, “ boke ”, sacrifice, colorful candle, bow - and - arrow, “ andai ”, proposing toast etc. reveals the strength and masculine of the mongolian men, and the girls ' beauty

    喜鼓舞、博克舞、祭祀舞、花燭舞、弓箭舞、安代舞、敬酒舞… … ,舞出了蒙古漢子的矯健,舞出了草原少女的多姿。