bona fide costs中文意思是什麼

bona fide costs解釋

  • bona: adj. 〈拉丁語〉 = good. bona fide 真正的,真實的,善意的,照實,真誠地,以誠意。 bona fides 真實,誠意。
  • fide: 國際棋聯
  • costs: 訟費

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  1. Fictitious trading means wash trading , bucketing , cross trading , or other schemes which give the appearance of trading. actually , no bona fide , competitive trade has occurred

  2. In front of a bona fide justice of the peace

  3. We got three bona fide yuppies out there,

  4. Article 5 the consignees of import goods or the consignors of export goods and both of their agents shall bona fide declare the status of intellectual property rights related to their import or export goods and present relevant evidentiary documents to the customs in accordance with the provisions of the state

  5. Certain specified individuals who are expressly authorized by an agreement between the sarc product manager and sarc development manager may give, receive or exchange viruses or virus source code with other bona fide virus researchers and anti - virus product developers, whose trustworthiness has been established by experience or analysis, provided that this activity is well supervised, monitored, and logged