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  • bone: n 1 骨(頭);骨狀物〈象牙等〉;骨製品;(食用的)肉骨頭。2 〈pl 〉 遺骸,屍體;骨骼;身體。3 〈p...
  • setting: n 1 安裝;裝配;裝置;安放。2 (機器的)底座。3 調整。4 整齒。5 銼鋸子。6 配樂;譜曲。7 (果樹的...

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  1. Human adults given growth hormone have suffered from acromegaly ( excess bone growth ) and carpal tunnel syndrome

  2. In china, under the influence of legal tradition and continental legal system, the evidence system pays more attention to substantive law rather than adjective law. in addition to the unscientific setting of the testimony standard, this evidence system influence the effect and quality of our country " s criminal trial

  3. The construction work was completed in around 1931. the ground floor of the building was occupied by a chinese bone - setting medicine shop named " lui seng chun ", while the upper floors became living quarters for the members of lui s family

  4. Treatment of fractures of tibial plateau by bone setting manipulation, shapeable splint fixation and calcaneus traction

  5. Primary clinical study on self - setting calcium phosphate cement in bone defect repair of extremities