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  • book: n 1 書,書籍;著作; 〈the B 〉 基督教《聖經》。2 〈常 pl 〉 賬簿;賬冊;名冊。3 卷,篇,冊,本;...
  • distribution: n 1 分配,分發,配給;分配裝置[系統];配給品;配給量;【經濟學】配給方法,配給過程;分紅;【法律...
  • management: n. 1. 辦理,處理;管理,經營;經營力,經營手腕。2. 安排;妥善對待。3. 〈the management〉〈集合詞〉(工商企業)管理部門;董事會;廠方,資方。

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  1. Bsi electronic book - environmental management systems

  2. If user is not satisfied with a part of the code which is generated by the software, he needs to modify the software so much that looks like a mission impossible. unfortunately, it is a common episode to a censorious programmer everyday. what ’ s more, the data distribution management is seldom concerned by the software

    3 )針對starwizardv1 . 0系統在自動處理數據分發管理上的不足,通過對數據分發管理機制的深入研究,提出了基於介面劃分的數據分發管理框架自動生成技術,採用此技術將進一步減輕盟員程序編寫人員的工作量。
  3. By providing a standard way of representing power system resources as object classes and attributes, along with their relationships, the cim facilitates the integration of energy management system ( ems ) applications developed independently by different vendors, between entire ems systems developed independently, or between an ems system and other systems concerned with different aspects of power system operations, such as generation or distribution management

    4 .設計並編程實現了在現有ems的基礎上實現cim的改造方案。公共信息模型在ems中的應用,保護了現有的電力應用資源、提高了電力應用軟體的開發效率、保障了ems與其它電力系統間的相互通信。
  4. As for the problems caused by non - book materials management and utilization of library and informative department, we make detailed investigation from every aspects of cataloguing, labling, shelf arrangement, information conversion, copyright and utilization

  5. Application integration at electric utilities - system interfaces for distribution management - interface for network operations