boom socket (or step)中文意思是什麼

boom socket (or step)解釋

  • boom: n 1 (雷、炮等的)隆隆聲,轟轟聲,(波浪的)澎湃聲;(鼓等的)咚咚聲;(蜂等的)嗡嗡聲;(鷺鷥等...
  • socket: n 1 (承物或藏物的)孔,洞,窩,凹處,承口。2 【解剖學】(眼)窩,腔;(齒)槽;【地質學;地理學...
  • or: or2,〈古、詩〉在…之前,比…更早〈普通用or ever, or e'er〉。n. 【徽章】黑金色,黑色。
  • step: vi ( pp )1 走;跨步。2 踩,踏上 (on)。3 跳舞,輕快地走,合著步調走。4 跨入,踏進。5 走上。vt ...

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  1. For obtaining exact solution for the impulse response or step response, the preferred method is to solve the original differential equation on a digital or analog computer.

  2. But it has not been clear if this is a prenatal effect or a psychosocial effect, related to growing up with older male siblings. to investigate, bogaert studied 944 gay and men, including several who were raised with adopted, half - or step - siblings or were themselves adopted

  3. He was afraid he would do something dumb such as forget his hat or step in the water, and then people would give him another dot

  4. Finally, a combined scheme was proposed to optimize the refolding process, this work demonstrates the feasibility of applying fed - batch and / or step - addition operation schemes to the renaturation of enzyme activity

  5. It works well for step - up or step - down without the need for inductor, providing low emi dc / dc conversion

    升壓和降壓模式都不需要電感元件,可提供低emi的dc / dc轉換。