bootstrap prom中文意思是什麼

bootstrap prom解釋

  • bootstrap: n 拔靴帶 (pull [lift raise] oneself up by one s [own] boot straps 憑自己的力量出人頭地)。2 adj ...
  • prom: n. 1. 〈英口〉 = promenade concert. 2. 〈美國〉(大學的)跳舞會。

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  1. Robustness of our results was confirmed by high bootstrap support of all nodes in the trees. this result contradicts the batrachia hypothesis ( a salamander + frog grouping ), and is consistent with bolt ' s hypothesis ( 1991 ) basing on the morphological data. the result was also supported by previous molecular studies based on mitochondrial and nuclear rrna data

    這個結果與蛙類假說是相矛盾的,與bolt ( 1991 )中國澤蛙線粒體基因組結構及種群系統地理學研究在形態學基礎上提出的絨蝶類和蚓螺類為姐妹群關系的假說相一致,並得到建立在線粒體和核trna基因數據基礎上的許多分子研究的支持。
  2. - it was you who sent bootstrap to the depths ! - aye

  3. Rates in the complete moment convergence of bootstrap means

  4. Corsage ?. what is this, a prom ?

  5. Prom struggle drama of han dynasty to beijing drama of qing dynasty, the course of their development is studied in this thesis. 2 : traditional theater ( playhouse, odeum ) of sichuan province with different name of ancient theaters such as stages, tea house and ever - lasting stage, they are quasi in main characters