boron compound中文意思是什麼

boron compound解釋

  • boron: n. 【化學】硼。adj. -ic ,-ization n. 【冶金】滲硼。
  • compound: vt 1 使混合,調合,配合;【語言學】復合,合成。2 (通過互相讓步等)解決(糾紛);用錢了結(債務等...

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  1. Compound graft with acellular exogenous dermis and autogenous thin skin reducing formation of scar

  2. Preparation and properties of new compound adsorbent

  3. So, the natural way of the red blood cells to produce h2s in contact with a chemical compound of garlic, called allicin, might help to obtain all these additional benefits for our health

    因此,紅細胞自然地產生h2s ,與大蒜中的化合物大蒜素接觸,可能有助於我們健康更受益。
  4. High purity gallium metal is the basic ingredient for semiconductor compound material, and it is also highly utilized in the manufacture of super conductor material, alloy, alnico etc

  5. We have shown that it is possible to create a radioactivity characterized by the emission of positive or negative electrons in boron and magnesium, by bombardment with alpha rays