boron trifluoride catalyst中文意思是什麼

boron trifluoride catalyst解釋

  • boron: n. 【化學】硼。adj. -ic ,-ization n. 【冶金】滲硼。
  • trifluoride: 三氟化物
  • catalyst: n. 【化學】觸媒,催化劑,接觸劑〈又作 catalytic agent〉;〈比喻〉觸發因素,〈口語〉(善用熱情、言語等打動他人的)有感染力的人。

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  1. Study on desurphurization and denitrification of the absorptive catalyst from lignite

  2. Therefore, hard - to - dispel acrimony over sudetenland - related issues not only nearly became, in 1938, the catalyst sparking world war ii, but, in the aftershock of events at that time, now constitutes the greatest sore spot in german - czech relations

  3. At present, most soda water exploited in the world is from hot spring, but the alkalescent soda water of our company from cold spring is quite rare, for it contains boron and another 17 beneficial microelements

  4. Various attempts have been made to study the effect of electrochemical polymerization processes including temperature, electrolyte composition and the deposited location on the strength and brittle - tough properties. by the mechanical measurement and testing, we found, compared with the mixed electrolyte composition of isopropyl alcohol ( ipa ) + 5 % boron trifluoride diethyl etherate ( bfee ) + 5 % polyethylene glycol ( peg ), the better mechanical properties of conducting ppy films were given by the mixed electrolyte compositon of ipa + 5 % bfee + 5 % deg

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