boundary lubrication additive中文意思是什麼

boundary lubrication additive解釋

  • boundary: n 邊界,疆界,限界 (between);(球場)邊線;界標;界限,范圍,分野。 aboundary dispute 邊界糾紛...
  • lubrication: n. 潤滑,油潤,上油;潤滑作用。 lubrication groove 油槽。 ring lubrication油環潤滑法。
  • additive: adj. 1. 附加的,增加的。2. 【化學】加成的,加和的。3. 【數學】加法的;加性的。n. 1. 添加劑;添加物。2. 【數學】加法。

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  1. The computational results of the particle images are agreement with the simulated datain reasonable, the most absolute difference of the displacement is 0. 6671 pixel at the x abscissa and 0. 7928 pixel at y abscissa ; the computational results are equal to the data form the algorithm of particle brightness - distribution pattern tracking ( the conventional cross - correlation algorithm ) at voluminous points, their discrepancy is only one pixel at few points, mostly in boundary area

    西安理工大學碩士學位論文最後,在visualfortran環境下給出了這種演算法的具體實現,處理模擬粒子圖像的結果與模擬數據比較吻合,最大位移絕對誤差在x方向是0 . 6671像素,在y方向是0 . 7928像素;計算結果與示蹤粒子灰度分佈模板法(基本的互相關法)在絕大部分點是相同的,只在少數點相差一個像素,而且大多出現在邊界區域。
  2. An anglo - ethiopian boundary commission in the ogaden discovers an italian garrison at walwal, which lay well within ethiopian territory. this leads to the abyssinia crisis

  3. A has the additive property.

  4. Boundary film lubrication

  5. In this research, the scientific efficient computer simulation technology replaces the traditional taking - time and arduous experimental method, which provides a beneficial thought for researching the wear design of the contacted machine in the boundary lubrication and computer simulative technology used in the part life design. the developed cam life predicted software can watch and control the cam wear state, forecast it ' s life and have the rudiment of the similar machine life predicted software. so the research has a good application prospect and practicality value