br back rise中文意思是什麼

br back rise解釋

  • br: Br =bromine.
  • back: n 1 背,背部;背脊;背面,反面;背後,後部,後面,裏面。2 (指)甲;(刀)背;(手)背;(書)背...
  • rise: vi (rose; risen ) (opp fall sink)1 上升,升起;(日、帆等)現出,出來;(地勢)向上斜,隆起。...

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  1. During this time the executioner had raised his mace, and signed to them to get out of the way ; the criminal strove to rise, but, ere he had time, the mace fell on his left temple. a dull and heavy sound was heard, and the man dropped like an ox on his face, and then turned over on his back. the executioner let fall his mace, drew his knife, and with one stroke opened his throat, and mounting on his stomach, stamped violently on it with his feet

  2. During her first year back in china, she wrote "the rise of the people's communes".

  3. As the liquidity shortage and the rise in interest rates stemmed the capital outflow under the automatic adjustment mechanism, the exchange rate rebounded from around 7. 75 to the intraday high of 7. 738 on january 12. when selling pressure on the hong kong dollar subsided, overnight hibor quickly eased back to around 5 per cent in the latter part of january. in line with the higher interbank interest rates, the savings deposit rate governed by the interest rate rule ( irr ) of the hong kong association of banks ( hkab ) was raised by 75 bps to 5. 5 per cent on january 12

  4. In accordance with the water tunnel that liner have cooling pipe, thermal insulation temperature rise model adopt difference expression during its through or not water phase, and optimization back analysis of parameters is carried out

  5. Policy - holder is old period after life - insurance pay insurance cost, retreat ahead of schedule before insurance expires protect, two kinds are retreated differently maintain pattern, one kind is to arrive two years in retreat the poundage with already handed in insurance cost to deduct certain is pressed when protecting reimburse insurance cost ( the insurance cost that waits to will be received then undertakes returning returning after deducting poundage, not plan breath or do not keep a cost ) ; another kind returns cost of money namely, back down during exceeding particular insurance namely protect, right now insurance company according to previous provision each period cost of money undertakes returning returning to policy - holder, be equal to gold of repayment of capital and interest are returned to already paying insurance cost after deducting certain overhead expenses, the cost of money after arriving 2 years 3 years commonly has exceeded the insurance cost of original pay, will have compound interest rise in value according to fixed interest rate, the cost of money that these can add after clauses gets exact numerical value on the watch

    投保人為多年期的人壽保險繳納保費后,在保險到期之前提前退保,有兩種不同的退保方式,一種是一到兩年之內退保時按已交保費扣減一定的手續費退還保費(等於是將收到的保費在扣除手續費后進行返還,不計息或不保值) ;另一種就是退還現金價值,也就是在超過一定的保險期間後退保,此時保險公司按照先前規定的各期現金價值對投保人進行返還,等於在扣除一定的治理費用后對已交保費返還本金和利息,一般二年到三年後的現金價值就已經超過原來繳納的保費,並將按照一定的利率進行復利增值,這些都可在保險條款后所附的現金價值表上得到準確的數值。