branched lode中文意思是什麼

branched lode解釋

  • branched: adj. 有枝的;分岔的。
  • lode: n. 1. 礦脈;豐富的蘊藏。2. 〈英方〉水路,(沼澤的)排水溝。3. 天然磁石 (= loadstone)。

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  1. A stream of short stories flowed from his pen, and he branched out into the easier forms of verse - the kind he saw printed in the magazines - though he lost his head and wasted two weeks on a tragedy in blank verse, the swift rejection of which, by half a dozen magazines, dumfounded him

  2. They then branched off on the relative merits of other clerical bachelors in the vicinity.

  3. The glands of the stomach are typical simple branched tubular glands.

  4. We found a what do you call it - - mother lode

    -我們找到了一種.你把他們叫什麼? -主礦脈
  5. These little buggers were exposed to the mother lode of radiation