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  • brass: n 1 黃銅。2 〈主 pl 〉黃銅製品;銅管樂器;〈the brass〉(樂隊的)銅管樂器部;〈俚語〉(刻有肖像、...
  • flange: n. 1. 【機械工程】法蘭(盤);凸緣;邊凸緣製造機。2. (鐵路軌的)寬底。3. 【建築】(梁)翼緣。vt. 在…上安裝凸緣。 a flanged wheel 凸緣輪。

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  1. Ay gland telescopic joint af flange telescopic joint

  2. A reliable machine shop can cut away a small amout of metal from the aft side of the mounting flange so that the lens will set closer to the film platen.

  3. And zillah, she also bare tubalcain, an instructer of every artificer in brass and iron : and the sister of tubalcain was naamah

    22洗拉又生了土八該隱。他是打造各樣銅鐵利器的(或作是銅匠鐵匠的祖師) 。土八該隱的妹子是拿瑪。
  4. Highlight items include an egyptian wooden mummy - board " the unlucky mummy " of the early 22nd dynasty, about 945 bc ; a 13th century egyptian brass " astrolabe " with silver inlay ; a marble roman statue of dionysos of 2nd century ; a " queen s lyre " of 2600 - 2400 bc found in the royal cemetery at ur ; and a walrus ivory chess - piece made in 1150 - 1200 and found in scotland. the world acclaimed british museum has one of the richest collections of cultural relics from various cultures of the world

    精選作品有埃及的"不幸的木乃伊"木蓋板(約公元前945年第二十二王朝早期) ;十三世紀的埃及鑲銀黃銅星盤;公元二世紀羅馬時期的酒神戴奧尼索斯大理石像;從公元前2600 - 2400年烏爾皇室陵墓發現的"皇后的豎琴" ;以及發現于蘇格蘭的海象牙西洋棋(公元1150 - 1200年)棋子。
  5. The anchor flange for west - fast gas pipeline project is a kind of important device to avoid axile thrust damages all valve of electric field and the anchor flange of the project are only supplied by my company. the anchor flange has replaced import product, filling up domestic blank and achieving nationalization.