brave king gaogaigar中文意思是什麼

brave king gaogaigar解釋

  • brave: adj 1 勇敢的。2 華麗的,漂亮的。3 〈古語〉極好的。vt 1 冒(風雨、危險等),拼,抵抗;不顧。2 敢於...
  • king: n 1 王,國王,君主 (opp subject); (部落的)首領,魁首。2 (某界)巨子,…大王。3 王一樣的東西。...
  • gaogaigar: 勇者王

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  1. Then the king promoted shadrach, meshach, and abed - nego, in the province of babylon

    但3 : 30那時王在巴比倫省、高陞了沙得拉、米煞、亞伯尼歌。
  2. Then the king caused shadrach, meshach, and abed - nego to prosper in the province of babylon

  3. Accuser : he calls himself the king of the jews

  4. So, you see, the king of hearts is a " brave king "

  5. “ an eagle , ” answered william. “ i would rather be an ea - gle , because it is strong and brave. it , is feared by all other birds , and therefore the king of them all

    「一隻鷹, 」威廉回答。 「我願做一隻鷹,因為它強健而勇敢,其他的鳥都怕它,因此它是鳥中之王。 」