breadth over foils中文意思是什麼

breadth over foils解釋

  • breadth: n 1 寬度 (opp length depth) 幅,橫幅,幅員;廣度,寬廣;(學識等的)廣博。2 (布的)幅面;船幅...
  • over: adv 1 在上,在高處;從上向下;突出,倚靠;越過。 jump over 跳過。 climb over 爬過。2 在那邊,向那...

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  1. It acts as a geologic rasp, scratching, gouging and generally abrading the surfaces over which the glacier rides.

  2. The a - bomb hurt nobody over and above the abraded king, causing the abscess

  3. If the peculiar relationship between truth ' s absolutism and relativism can be called " truth ' s antinomy, " many philosophical issues over recent several decades of years aim at solving this antinomy

    摘要如果將真理的絕對主義與相對主義之吊詭稱作「真理的二律背反」 ,那麼近數十年來,許多哲學問題都是為了解決這個二律背反。
  4. Autonomous underwater vehicles can mimic locomotion of aquatic animals - fishes that utilize oscillating foils as their propulsive elements. there are overwhelming advantages for them in speed, maneuverability, and noise over conventional man - made propeller

  5. In a similar fashion, if the purpose of the genesis prologue was to communicate the perfection and fullness of god ' s creation, the superiority and uniqueness of god over against other false gods, and the wisdom and orderliness and breadth of his creation ? and not to provide a scientific or chronological portrait ? then we misuse and misread the prologue when we force it into that mold