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  • break: vt (broke, 〈古語〉 brake; broken 〈古語〉broke)1 毀壞,弄壞,損壞,毀損。 break a doll 弄壞洋...
  • bulk: n 1 體積,容積,大小。2 巨大;龐然大物;大塊;大批,大量。3 貨艙;船貨;散裝貨物。4 〈the bulk〉...
  • operations: 操作設置

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  1. Overall, it is estimated that the success of the efforts to code break the german enigma machine helped the allies defeat nazi germany two years earlier than they would without it, saving countless lives, and making it one of the most successful intelligence operations in history

    總而言之,破譯恩尼格碼使得盟軍戰勝德國納粹的時間提前了兩年,拯救了無數的生靈, ,並且這一行動是情報戰線歷史上最偉大的勝利。
  2. Maoming port is an open port of class i of the country, furnished with several oil wharves at ten - thousand - ton level and break - bulk and container berths and the biggest crude oil loading and unloading system at 0. 25 million - ton class in the country with an annual handling capacity of 17. 59 million tons, ranking the 17th among the big ports in the country

  3. The total target that the transportation departments do about adjusting the construction of transportation capability is keeping the shipping abilities constant and reducing to 18 percent in the dry cargo and break bulk cargo ; rise up 12 percent in oil ships ; owning 1. 5 percent in chemical and liquid ships and 6. 5 percent in roll - roll and other ships in 2005. the transportation capability is controlled by the promotion of 2. 5 pecent during 2006 and 2010. the transportation capability is reduced to 75 percent in dry cargo and break bulk cargo and risen up 13 percent in oil ships ; 2 percent in chemical and liquid ships ; 10 percent in roll - roll container and other ships in 2010

    交通部關于運力結構調整的總體目標是: 2005年前,長江省際運輸運力總量基本保持不變,通過結構調整到2005年使干散貨運力比重下降到18 ,油船比重上升到12 ,化學品船和液化氣船佔1 . 5 、汽車滾裝船等其它船舶佔6 . 5 ; 2006年? 2010年,長江省際運輸運力總量平均增長控制在2 . 5以內,通過結構調整,到2010年使干散貨船運力比重下降到75 ,油船比重上升到13 ,化學品船和液化氣船佔2 ,汽車滾裝船、集裝箱船等其它船舶佔10 。
  4. Bulk operations on a ttreeview are often painfully slow, because every time a node is referenced using an index, the ttreeview has to walk through its linked list of nodes to get to the specified index

  5. The operation of the river trade terminal in hong kong involves the consolidation of containers, break bulk and bulk cargo shipped between the hong kong port and ports in the pearl river delta