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  • bridge: n 1 橋,橋梁;【造船】艦橋,船橋。2 鼻樑;(假牙上的)齒橋;【音樂】弦柱,弦馬;【電學】電橋;【...
  • helicopter: n 直升機。vt 用直升機載送。 helicopter sb aboard the ship 用直升機把某人送到船上。vi 乘直升機。n ...

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  1. The thesis has summarized the development of the oblique - pull bridge, its construction technology and the importance of bridge construction control, then has introduced project general situation, and has narrated detailed regulation, organization construction, the major work and difficult part of this bridge construction control. the following is the key part of this thesis, firstly, it has introduced the experiment work of early stage, structural calculation and its theoretical result : the absolute altitude of each operating mode, the absolute altitude of building mould in each section and the absolute altitude after pouring concrete ; then, it has discussed the method and content of the line shape control of the main beam, actual absolute altitude of building mould is put forward, and it has described the method of structural stress monitoring, how to arrange measure point and collect data, and how to analyze data. it has also narrated the method of rope force detection and structural temperature inspection

  2. The following night they passed through the strait of bab - el - mandeb, which means in arabic the bridge of tears, and the next day they put in at steamer point, north - west of aden harbour, to take in coal

    這個名字,阿拉伯文的意思是「流淚之門」 。第二天是14號,蒙古號停泊在亞丁灣西北的汽船岬,因為要在那裡加煤。
  3. Joey becomes adept at bridge.

  4. A new numerical procedure for analyzing the coupled vibration of a framed arch bridge with a single moving vehicle is presented to solve the equations of motion of a bridge with many degrees of freedom. the procedure consists in dividing the bridge - vehicle systems, which are solved separately, into 2 subsystems at the interface of the bridge and vehicle. the compatibility at the interface is obtained by an iterative procedure with aitken acceleration

  5. The an qing frigate no 539 is belonging to the east china sea fleet, two groups of the non - source interfering missile launching pads have been installed in both sides of steering bridge and both sides of helicopter hangar in order to interfere the enemys missiles, with these equipment the defense capability has been strengthened