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  • british: adj. 1. 不列顛的,英國的。2. 不列顛人的,英國人的。3. 英聯邦的。4. 古英語的;英國英語的。n. 1. 〈the B-〉〈集合詞〉英國人;英聯邦人。2. 英國英語;古英語。
  • national: adj 1 民族的;國民的;國家的;國民特有的。2 國家主義的;愛國的。3 國立的 國有的 國定的;全國性的...
  • party: n 1 黨,黨派;政黨;結黨,黨派活動。2 【軍事】特遣隊,分遣隊,部隊。3 (交際性質的)聚會,集會,...

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  1. In the house of commons on may 18, scottish national party mp pete wishart said the collection should be placed in the british library to " serve the public good "

  2. Our hotel is honored as the reception hotel for state significant meetings, having been one of the staying places for delegacies of all previous national party representative convention and national people ' s congress since 1982 and having passed iso9001 international management systems in 2005

    賓館系國家重要會議定點接待單位, 1982年以來為歷屆全國黨代表大會、全國人大會議代表團駐地之一, 2005年通過iso9001國際質量管理體系認證。
  3. In a statement released friday, the ministry said the british boarding party had just completed an inspection of a merchant ship

  4. Derek mackay, the scottish national party leader, said the mince pie " madness " could harm paisley, home of the famous paisley pattern

  5. Leonardo da vinci ' s cartoon of the virgin mary and saint anne hangs in the british national gallery