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  • brussels: n. 布魯塞爾〈比利時首都〉。
  • region: n. 1. 地方,地域,地帶;地區;行政區,管轄區,區;左近,鄰近;(大氣、海水等的)層,界,境。2. 【解剖學;動物學】(身體的)局部,部位。3. (學問等的)范圍,領域。4. 〈罕用語〉天空。
  • minister: n 1 部長;閣員,大臣;〈pl 〉政府。2 公使;外交使節。3 【宗教】牧師;〈英國〉非國教派牧師。 ★英國...

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  1. The french minister expressed his gratitude for mrs yau s visit to france and his great satisfaction regarding the signature of the mou, which will pave the way to a strengthened co - operation between institutions in charge of the development of the information society in france and the hong kong special administrative region but also between it and telecommunications companies of both sides

  2. Mladjan dinkic, serbia ' s finance minister, adds that it would be a “ catastrophe ” if serbia were the only country in the region left out of the eu

    塞爾維亞的財政部長姆蘭德揚?金基奇也表示如果塞爾維亞成為該地區唯一一個不參與歐盟進程的國家,這對該國將是一場「災難」 。
  3. The program of priority actions drawn up for the 2006 - 2008 period presented to international donors tuesday in brussels by a delegation headed up by prime minister maria do carmo silveira aims to reduce poverty in the archipelago

    西爾維拉率領的代表團在布魯塞爾向國際援助國提出了聖普2006 - 2008年間需要優先解決的問題,以期減少貧困人口。
  4. At a news conference with japanese foreign minister taro aso, rice reaffirmed the u. s. commitment to tokyo and the region

  5. April 12th in 1990, the gartner group put forward the erp concept for the first time in the research paper, which named erp : a vision of the next generation mrp ; in february in 1995, the information technique minister meetings of the west seven country group was convened in the brussels, making sure the speculation and the direction of establishing the global information society ; in 1998, al gore, former american vice - president, put forward the concept of “ digital earth ” and its brought about the national information - based tide in the world scope

    1990年4月12日, gartner在其研究報告《 erp :設想下一代的mrp 》中,首次提出了erp的概念; 1995年2月,西方七國集團信息技術部長會議在布魯塞爾召開,確定了建立「全球信息社會」的構想和方向; 1998年,前美國副總統阿爾?戈爾提出「數字地球」的概念,掀起了世界范圍內的國家信息化高潮。