brussels spouts中文意思是什麼

brussels spouts解釋

  • brussels: n. 布魯塞爾〈比利時首都〉。

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  1. Ethel : you, you did what in brussels

  2. Chelsea : em, i married bill in brussels

  3. Also known as “ brussels lace ”, it refers to the beer foam that sticks to the inside of a glass as the head recedes ; a sign of good beer and clean glass

    也叫做「布魯塞爾花邊」 ,指的是啤酒上面的泡沫在酒杯內側留下的痕跡,代表了啤酒的品質和杯子的潔凈。
  4. On their seats were boxed dinners containing schnapps, beer, pickled herring, new potatoes, goose, crayfish, red cabbage, brussels sprouts, and saffron buns

    每個人的座位都有餐盒, ?面有香甜酒、啤酒、腌鯡魚、當?收成的馬?薯、淡水螯蝦、紅色?心菜、球芽甘?及番紅花麵包。
  5. People who get plenty of itamins a and c, which are abundant in egetables like spinach, brussels sprouts and broccoli, appear to get fewer cancers of the respiratory and digestie systems

    人如果攝入足夠的維生素a和c ,而這些在菠菜,甘藍和花椰菜等蔬菜中含量豐富,似乎能夠很少患上呼吸系統和消化系統的癌癥。