brussels statement中文意思是什麼

brussels statement解釋

  • brussels: n. 布魯塞爾〈比利時首都〉。
  • statement: n. 1. 陳述,聲明,聲明書。2. 【法律】供述;交待。3. 【商業】貸借對照表;(財務)報告書。

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  1. If buy the statement when the home applies for refund to did not get money, and you had delivered goods actually, so you need to be offerred inside 7 days deliver goods flourishing of proof of proof, the sign after receiving sth that buy the home, bilateral the flourishing that clean out treasure chats record, if you do not upload, the system will be acquiescent you did not get money and refund gives buy the home, if uploaded, need awaits patiently small the examine and verify of 2

  2. Acrimonious debate in brussels reflects hard choices at the national level

  3. We let her move in because we want to make a statement about ageism in america

  4. I hope this statement will allay the public ' s fears

  5. Department of health statement on stockpiling of antiviral drugs