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  1. Is located in changshu, a famous historic and cultural city in jiangsu prov. prc. it started from producing beddings in special, and after 30 years of toil and moil, has established the first famous brand in chinese home textile industry

  2. This time i found much employment, and very suitable also to the time for i found great occasion of many things which i had no way to furnish my self with, but by hard labour and constant application ; particularly, i try d many ways to make my self a basket, but all the twigs i could get for the purpose prov d so brittle, that they would do nothing

  3. It happen d to my farther misfortune, that the weather prov d hazey for three or four days, while was in this valley ; and not being able to see the sun, i wander d about very uncomfortably, and at last was oblig d to find out the sea side, look for my post, and come back the same way i went ; and then by easy journies i turn d homeward, the weather being exceeding hot, and my gun, ammunition, hatchet, and other things very heavy

  4. The error diffusion algorithm, first introduced by fioyd and steinberg, requires neighborhood operations. lt is currentiy the most popuiar neighborhood halftoning process. the dithering algorithm, which has been used in era2000 system, is able to prov

  5. While the crisis of land resource and ecological environment becomes increasingly serious and pepole ' s inclination to nature, the development of sloping field is attracting more and more attention. the reasons lays in two aspects : first, the development of sloping field wi ii enable new forms of i iving space without occuping any arable land or too much of it ; second i y, i t w i i i a i so prov i de the creat i on and ref i nement of arch i tecture form and significance human settltments with new source of inspiration