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  • bubble: n 1 泡,水泡;氣泡;泡沫。2 幻想,妄想,泡影;欺詐性的投機事業。3 冒泡,起泡,沸騰(聲)。4 泡泡...
  • theory: n. 1. 理論,學理,原理。2. 學說,論說 (opp. hypothesis)。3. 推測,揣度。4. 〈口語〉見解,意見。

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  1. The departures of an actual image from the prediction of simple theory are called aberrations.

  2. In part i of this article, the author recalled over the real estate development in the past years and offered a brief introduction to the current real estate development situation in shenzhen, pointing out that after an overheated development in real estate industry, shenzhen is now undergoing a more rational and healthy development trend with stable market ; hi part ii, the author made an analysis on the influence over shenzhen ' s real estate market after china ' s accession to wto, analyzing from many fields, to what extend such influence would impose on it. the result of the analysis revealed that the influence on shenzhen ' s real estate market is not so serious, and there are more opportunities than challenge and the development mode would on the whole remain unchanged ; in part hi of this article, the fundamental study and analysis was discussed, the author holding that the sustained de velopment in shenzhen ' s real estate industry would continue and no bubble phenomenon would occur ; in part iv, the author provided a detailed analysis over shenzhen ' s real estate development trend in the future, the study was based on 7 conceptions by discussed from the point of view on development factors and theory, the comprehensive analysis by the author held that the future real estate market development trend in shenzhen would on the main maintain a high level both from real estate investment and sales, the buildings for commercial sales would be the lion ' s share in total real estate sales, but the market increasing trend would be a bit slow than the present

  3. The extend work of my doctoral research is introduced in the part. problems of cavitation noise are investigated with three methods such as theory analysis, numerical simulation and experiment research. mixed boundary element method is put forward to solve acoustics of bubble collapse by author

  4. By employing cole ' s classical theory of bubble dynamics, the motion of bubble produced by the underwater explosion and the corresponding bubble pulsating pressure are calculated. a profile function of the shock wave and its parameters are determined according to the principle of wave profile similitude and the equality of impulses. finally an analytic formula is derived to simulate the whole time history of the pressure from the front shock wave to the bubble pulsation, representing the fluid loadings of the underwater explosion

  5. In this paper, i begin my research with the question of “ how the credit risks of real estate loans do generate ”, firstly, on the base of studying the fundamental bubble theory, i analysis the different behaviors of real estate market, banking loan market, regulators and customers, and try to find the origin of the banking credit risks while the bank provides real estate loans