bumand grind中文意思是什麼

bumand grind解釋

  • grind: vt (ground 〈罕用語〉 grinded)1 磨碎;碾成 (into); 轉動,推搖(磨等)。2 磨快,磨光,磨薄。3 ...

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  1. Everyone would say you have an ax to grind.

  2. The diameter is 50 centimetres, with pitch - dark as bottom, with red green, getting red various kinds of color paint draw out the pattern, is it make various kinds of butterfly and flowers line kind to carve silver thin slice and then, paste in painting childing smooth of polishing with big paint, after being dry, overall xiu several of paint is it show silver pattern to grind and then, make pattern and paint bottom up to the same pingdu, in addition push the light and become exquisite and flat to take off the flower disc of lacquer ware

  3. I am technology of big lifetime content, i consider family of chrestomathy going abroad, but family thinks read it is good to grind to go out again

  4. Near the tip, the reflection area of the apple seed geometry spread out and gave way to the flat grind surface, forming a very sharp tip dedicated to delicate cuts and thrusts. in addition, the guard of the sword was both practical and ergonomic

  5. The quartz sand powder mainly used fors the glass, porcelain and ceramics, enamel ware, hot bottle, sodium silicates, cast, building materials, grind, fire - proof, the profession s main raw material of work, communication etc.