buttressed wall中文意思是什麼

buttressed wall解釋

  • wall: n 1 墻壁;(石、磚等的)圍墻;城墻。2 (形狀、用途)像墻壁的東西,障壁;土堤,堤防。3 (礦井、容...

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  1. The characteristics of the sub - leaf epidemics of the plants have been observed and compared by scanning electronic microscope. lt was found out that the micro characteristics are important in a sense for identification the varieties. the constituents of volatile oil from dry flower buds of l hypoglauca miq., l acuminate wall, and l similis hemsl

    首次通過gc - ms聯用技術分析了紅腺忍冬、淡紅忍冬和峨眉忍冬乾燥花蕾揮發油成分,並通過計算機質譜庫檢索並與標準圖譜對照,對其所含化合物進行了鑒定,發現棕櫚酸是它們的主要成分,相對含量最高佔49 . 27 ,最低佔28 . 71 ,其餘成分的組成和含量差別較大。
  2. The wind packed the snow against the wall.

  3. While one aide stood behind to assist him with english, the other two braced themselves against the wall, and hambleton realized they were bodyguards.

  4. Sometimes, our ambiance and actions are just like bricks and concrete that turn into a wall when theyre mixed

  5. Construction technology for pre - stressed anchor - rope in buttressed retaining wall