1. There is no association at all between abd and c. harold brown.

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  3. Herlbert, jeanne s. and alan c. acock. 1990. “ the effects of marital status on the form and composition of social networks. ” social science quarterly 71 : 163 - 74

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  4. First, to construct a recombinant plasmid pegfp - c - fos with c - fos promoter and egfp, and then transfect it into human bladder transitional cell carcinoma biu - 87 cell ; second, based on the changes of the expression of gfp in the biu - 87 cell which induced by the aconitine and hab toxins, the concentration of the hab toxins could be detected

    目的:構建一個含c - fos啟動子和egfp報告基因的pegfp - c - fos重組質粒載體。體外轉染膀胱癌biu - 87細胞后,利用赤潮毒素作用后細胞表達綠色熒光蛋白的變化來檢測赤潮毒素,初步建立一種以細胞為基礎受體水平的赤潮毒素檢測方法。
  5. September 11, 2001 i ve called many nearby centers around washington d. c. and new york for emergency rescue action groups