c-type virus中文意思是什麼

c-type virus解釋
C-type virus = type C virus C類腫瘤病毒。

  • c:
  • type: n 1 型,類型,(工業產品的)品種;風格,型式。2 典型,榜樣,樣本,樣板,模範,範本;典型人物;具...
  • virus: n 1 【醫學】病毒;濾過性病原體。2 毒素;毒害。3 惡意,惡毒。4 【計算機】(電腦)病毒〈指擾亂或破...

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  1. The test results of sub - c type showed that middle voltage is higher with 50 u m alloy particle, la - rich alloy has perfect performance at high rate, ce - rich alloy is excellent at high rate and lower temperature, low co alloy is good to decreasing middle voltage except the less recycle life. experiments about the electrolyte showe d that the performance is optimized with contents : koh 78 %, naoh 20 %, lioh 2 % and density 1. 300 g / cm3

    對貯氫合金材料粒度和成份進行了粒度分佈測試、成分分析和xrd掃描,並將材料制備成sc型電池進行大電流測試,結果顯示,合金粒度在50 m時,電池放電平臺高,富鑭合金的大電流性能好,富鈰合金有利於電池低溫高倍率放電性能,合金中鈷含量減少雖對電池的放電平臺有利,但循環壽命短。
  2. Triangular carrier, herringbone carrier, c type buckle carrier and relevant suspended pleces, bridge pleces are made from galvanized steel. to ensure the level of suspended ceiling all these products. featuring in high strength, have flatness and dead load capacity meeting national standards. u - shape buckle carrier made from aluminum material or colored steel has the advantages such sa easy assembly, strong load bearing capacity and even surface

    三角骨,人字骨, c型條扣板骨及相關吊件,連接件均採用鍍鋅鋼製造,產品強度大,平直度和靜載能力超越國家標準要求,從而確保吊裝的平整性。 u型扣板骨採用鋁質或彩鋼等材料製造,達到裝配簡便,承受力強,表面均衡的效果。
  3. Download dtzziii - c type weight - load controller instruction

    Dtzz - dc型電梯重量載荷指示控制儀
  4. Dtzziii - c type elevator weight - load indicating controller

    Dtzziii - c系列電梯重量載荷指示控制儀
  5. The mainly contents in this paper are the preparation of sub - c type ni - mh power batteries. the aim, exploitation project and the conditions were all given