音標 [kæb]
1. Civil Aeronautics Board 〈美國〉民用航空局。
2. Citizens' Advice Bureau (英國)市民咨詢處。
3. Civil Aeronautics Bulletin (美國)民航通報。
n. 名詞 1. 出租馬車,出租汽車。
2. (機車、卡車、拖拉機、起重機等的)司機室。
vi. 不及物動詞 (cabbed cabbing) 〈俚語〉〈常說作cab it〉坐出租馬車。
They cabbed to the theatre. 他們坐出租汽車去劇場。
vi. 不及物動詞 (cabbed cabbing) 〈英學俚〉抄夾帶,作弊。
n. 名詞 夾帶;作弊。
n. 名詞 開普;古希伯來糧食等干物的量具名〈容量相當二誇脫〉。


    1. Finally, the civil aeronautics board (cab) has jurisdiction over civil aviation, including routes, rates, and subsidies.

    2. Despite his better instincts he eventually decides to save this bedraggled and presumably drunk, young lady by putting her in a cab

    3. The cab crawled along, and she was in an agony of impatience.

    4. Once the cab was also passed by a calash rapidly whirled along by two post - horses. " ah, " said cavalcanti to himself, " if i only had that britzska, those two good post - horses, and above all the passport that carries them on !

      卡瓦爾康蒂心裏對他自己說, 「要是我有了那輛四輪馬車,那兩匹善奔跑的快馬,尤其是,那輛馬車上的人所帶的護照,那就太好啦! 」
    5. Cycle frequency - based blind beamforming shows the performance degradation due to cfe ( cyclic frequency error ). an improved algorithm is presented in literature 6, which adopting forgetting factor in estimation cyclic correlation matrix would largely depress the sensitivity of cab to cyclic frequency error. by using this method, the improved algorithms of the c - cab and ecab algorithms are presented in this dissertation

      針對基於循環頻率的盲波束形成演算法對循環頻率誤差cfe ( cyclicfrequencyerror )很敏感而導致演算法性能下降的情況,參照文獻[ 6 ]提出的遺忘因子cab演算法,提出了c - cab演算法以及基於特徵空間的盲波束形成演算法( ecab )的改進演算法。