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  • cabaret: n. 1. (有舞蹈、音樂等表演的)餐館。2. 餐館里的歌舞表演(亦作= show)。
  • tax: n 1 稅,租稅,租款 (on; upon)。2 〈美國〉會費。3 負擔。4 (pl es) 〈英口〉收稅官。vt 1 對…抽稅...

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  1. If the individual is joined of one ' s own accord, want to stop protect, should that month 20 filled in to section of apanage land tax a few days ago and hand over " social insurance premium is fluctuant declare a watch ", declare suspend capture fee ; next by check and ratify of land tax section after " social insurance premium is fluctuant declare a watch " reach oneself " labor manual " deal with to social security branch affirm

    若個人自願參保期間想停保,應于當月20日前到屬地地稅部門填寫並遞交《社會保險費變動申報表》 ,申報停止繳費;然後憑地稅部門核定后的《社會保險費變動申報表》及本人《勞動手冊》到社保部門辦理確認。
  2. The rental income assessable to property tax was hk 3, 153, 000

    該等應課物業稅的租金入息總值為港幣3 , 153 , 000元。
  3. What you say is the attestation that value added tax has tax bill

  4. Every months of bill opens your unit every months of sale that amount had exceeded check and ratify, should open amount according to bill according to imposition of pay of business accounting of applicable tax rate, namely : 7month 56000 * applicable tax rate, 45000 * is applicable august tax rate, 35000 * is applicable september tax rate ; because your unit is successive 3 months are effective at the same time 30 % of the sale that sale exceeded check and ratify, the ; of lunar norm check and ratify that should adjust you is additional according to " of total bureau of national tax wu about individual and industrial and commercial a regulation of administrative measure ", your unit should establish double entry account, execute auditorial collect

    你單位每月發票開具金額已經超過了核定的每月銷售額,應該按照發票開具金額按照適用稅率核算繳納稅款,即: 7月份56000 *適用稅率, 8月份45000 *適用稅率, 9月份35000 *適用稅率;同時因為你單位連續三個月實際銷售額超過了核定的銷售額的30 % ,應該調整你的月定額核定;另外根據國家稅務總局"關于個體工商戶治理辦法"規定,你單位應該建立復式帳,實行查帳徵收
  5. If be you, to the country tax bureau requirement takes the place of invoice, goods exceeds 8 kinds, be about to have the sales detailed account of form a complete set, you yourself can arrive the office of duty wu division with tax accessary bureau buys the nation blank sales detailed list, tax bureau gives the country of invoice making generation you computer of affix one ' s seal is printed, if the country of acting invoice wants yourself handiwork to autotype after tax bureau affix one ' s seal, after you autotype by hand with respect to oneself, give together with bill buy the buying party