n. 名詞 〈美口〉出租汽車司機 (=cabman)。


    1. The cabby began to turn the horse around

    2. " i saw a young girl up in that winder, " returned the cabby

      「我看見上面窗子里有個年輕的姑娘, 」馬車夫回答說。
    3. The cabby beat his horse into a sort of imitation gallop, which was fairly fast, however

    4. And the best admirals and generals we ve got ? tell me that. - the irish for choice, retorted the cabby like campbell, facial blemishes apart

      「要選就選愛爾蘭人唄, 」除了臉上的一些缺點,長得挺像坎貝爾的馬車夫說。
    5. The cabby read out of the paper he had got hold of that the former viceroy, earl cadogan, had presided at the cabdrivers association dinner in london somewhere

      馬車夫看著手裡的報紙,大聲念了一段前任總督卡多根伯爵在倫敦某地主持馬車夫協會晚餐會的消息260 。