cabin class中文意思是什麼

cabin class解釋

  • cabin: n 1 小屋,小室;〈英國〉(鐵路等的)信號室。2 船室[艙],頭[二]等客艙;【航空】座艙;艦長室,長官...
  • class: n 1 階級;社會等級。2 學級;班級,年級,級,班;組;(有組織的)講習班;〈美國〉同年畢業班;【軍事...

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  1. Introducing the regional business class from cathay pacific. we ve enhanced our regional fleet as you would come to expect from the world s best airline. a fresh, modern refurbishment to our cabin design allows you to unwind and enjoy the spaciousness in which we warmly serve you

  2. You can get the best service in the first - class cabin, but you pay for it

  3. Though fares vary according to destinations, 10, 000 yen ( half for children ) will get you to the izu islands in the first - class cabin. service by jet boat is also available to some of the islands

    船費因前往地點而不同。前往伊豆諸島的1等客房是10000日元(小孩半價) 。有一部分的島嶼可乘坐噴射汽船前往。
  4. With only eight singles and two doubles, our new first class cabin boasts fewer seats and more personal space than ever

  5. You can get the best service in the first class cabin, but that it costs your money