cabin de luxe中文意思是什麼

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  • cabin: n 1 小屋,小室;〈英國〉(鐵路等的)信號室。2 船室[艙],頭[二]等客艙;【航空】座艙;艦長室,長官...
  • de: DE = destroyer escort 護航驅逐艦。de1〈拉丁語〉 = down from from off de facto 事實上(的)。 de...
  • luxe: n. 〈法語〉上等,華美;奢侈,豪華。 articles de luxe奢侈品。 édition de luxe精裝本。 train de luxe特等車。

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  1. The main contributions are as follows : ( 1 ) de ( differential evolution ) algorithm is proposed to invert the ocean acoustic parameters in shallow water in order to get faster and more accurate results than ga ( genetic algorithm ) and sa ( simulated annealing algorithm ). also a posteriori probability analysis method is applied to evaluate the uncertainty of inversion results. ( 2 ) maximum likelihood objective functions for broadband mfi are derived according to different conditions

    ( 2 )根據不同的前提條件,採用似然比的方法推導了寬帶匹配場反演的最大似然目標函數;深入地研究了寬帶匹配場處理中的相干與非相干問題;在分析參數反演的敏感性之後,提出了淺海環境參數寬帶匹配場反演的多步優化策略,並與全參數反演方法進行了性能上的模擬比較。
  2. It will be published in an edition de luxe in autumn

  3. You can have the de luxe model if you like, but it ' ll cost you

  4. The airline offer first class passenger a bag of de luxe toiletries

  5. There are errors during the measurement for both methods. the wavelet is introduced to de - noise the measured coordinates due to its sensitivity to the white noise on different scales. more precise coordinates of the cabin could be got after de - noise by wavelet

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