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  • cabinet: n 1 〈常作 C 〉內閣;〈英國〉內閣會議(室);〈美國〉總統[州長、市長]顧問團。2 小房間,私室,密議...
  • council: n. 1. 議事〈行政,參議,立法〉機構;委員會;理事會;公會。2. 【宗教】宗教[教法]會議;〈美國〉地方工會代表會議。3. 計議,協商,討論;〈美國〉忠告,勸告。

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  1. The cabinet evolved from the privy council.

  2. Lord david treisman also continues his role as parliamentary under - secretary of state with responsibility for : relations with africa, latin america, the caribbean, overseas territories, the commonwealth, ukvisas, migration policy, consular policy, public diplomacy, including the british council, the bbc world service and the chevening scholarships scheme. the above changes resulted from a change in the allocations of ministerial portfolios to members of parliament a cabinet re - shuffle

    大衛崔斯曼( david treisman )勛爵繼續其作為政務次官的職務,主要負責:英國與非洲、拉丁美洲及加勒比地區、海外領土、英聯邦等國家和地區的關系、英國護照及簽證政策、領事政策、公共外交(包括英國文化協會、 bbc全球新聞網和志奮領獎學金計劃) 。
  3. This summer, the state council, china ' s equivalent of a cabinet, approved national regulations to improve controls over the yellow river and better regulate water use, partly by raising prices

  4. To restrain exports of high - pollution products, the state council, the cabinet, has required the sepa to keep a record of highly - polluting products and work out relevant control policies

  5. The disaster relief and emergency command center under the state council, china ' s cabinet, ordered related local governments on monday to do a good job in land management for reconstruction and in geological services for areas affected by the recent extreme winter weather