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  • cabinet: n 1 〈常作 C 〉內閣;〈英國〉內閣會議(室);〈美國〉總統[州長、市長]顧問團。2 小房間,私室,密議...
  • crisis: n. 1. 危急關頭,緊要關頭;(政治、經濟上的)危機,危局;恐慌;激變。2. 【醫學】轉變期,驟退;臨界;危象。3. 【劇、影】危急情節,轉折點。

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  1. The nation s debt crisis was abysmal ; there seemed to be no possible solution to it

  2. An anglo - ethiopian boundary commission in the ogaden discovers an italian garrison at walwal, which lay well within ethiopian territory. this leads to the abyssinia crisis

  3. Financial safety is commonly the study object in the financial crisis and financial crisis opposite. it is a pity that this paper has no enough ability and time to study all these problems, so this paper will stress discuss aspects hereinafter : firstly, go deep into anatomist fss theory meaning. secondly, set up a all - sided, impersonality and synthetically fssis

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  5. The cabinet is / are meeting today to discuss the crisis