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Cabinet Minister =〈美國〉 cabinet member [officer] 閣員。

  • cabinet: n 1 〈常作 C 〉內閣;〈英國〉內閣會議(室);〈美國〉總統[州長、市長]顧問團。2 小房間,私室,密議...
  • minister: n 1 部長;閣員,大臣;〈pl 〉政府。2 公使;外交使節。3 【宗教】牧師;〈英國〉非國教派牧師。 ★英國...

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  1. Cabinet matters ; a cabinet minister

  2. In an open letter to the times as ex - cabinet minister was highly critical of the government ' s economic policy

  3. United states and japan have banned british pigs and folk crawdles ? - - > pork products. cabinet minister ed miller ban - - > miliband expressed sympathy for britain ' s famers

  4. Most people agreed that the newspaper was hitting below the belt when it tried to discredit the cabinet minister by detailing some of her childhood misdeeds

  5. Protesters blocked roads, burned tires and attacked the car of a hamas cabinet minister, breaking the windows