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  1. Influence of two modus operandi in acute cholecystitcs in coagulative fuction

  2. This modus operandi doesn ' t accord with our policy

  3. This is not an acceptable modus operandi for a software team member

  4. For the purpose of solving this cacoethes among livestock and poultry, our research and development team makes their commitment to using natural herbs to manufacture peck - free feed additives and this feed additive has posed a potent effectiveness to the peck problems after a series of repeated scientific tests

  5. The second, today and some period of time in the future, although some schools will have different handicaps to carry shrm into execution as the all and the one, they ought to take this ideologies and on the way to " part to whole " according to their practical condition, such as carrying out scientific recruit management, designing for scientific human resources development project and a systemic rewards management at first and so on, witch is the modus operandi that for deal with concrete matters relating to work for school personnel management

    其次,作為一個整體性的實施,目前乃至將來一段時間內部分中小學實施人力資源管理還有諸多的障礙因素。但是,中小學應秉承這種理念,根據實際的條件許可走「部分實施? ?整體實施」之路,如首先實行科學的招聘管理、設計科學的人力資源開發方案和系統的薪酬管理系統等,這對于中小學人事管理來說是比較務實的做法。