caesars palace ii中文意思是什麼

caesars palace ii解釋

  • caesars: 凱撒大帝
  • palace: n. 1. 宮,宮殿。2. (主教)邸宅;宏偉大廈。3. 華麗的娛樂場所。
  • ii: 北約科學系列

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  1. Faultfinding being a proverbially bad hat, mr bloom thought well to stir, or try to, the clotted sugar from the bottom and reflected with something approaching acrimony on the coffee palace and its temperance and lucrative work

  2. It includes " literature and its characters - dream of the red mansion ii " stamp set of 6 issued by macau post ( top left ), " the queen s golden jubilee " stamp set of 5 issued by royal mail ( top right ) and " the lord of the rings " self - adhesive stamp set of 6 issued by new zealand post ( bottom )

    包括由澳門郵政發行的文學與人物紅樓夢(二)一套六枚郵票(圖上左) 、由英國皇家郵政發行的英女皇登基金禧紀念一套五枚郵票(圖上右)和由紐西蘭郵政發行的魔戒一套六枚自動黏貼郵票(圖下) 。
  3. In 1967 he smashed a hip, femur, wrist and both ankles attempting to clear the fountains at caesars palace, in las vegas

  4. Britney spears is planning a new year ' s eve party in las vegas. according to reports, the singer will celebrate the start of 2007 by hosting a lavish bash at the pure nightclub, which is located inside caesars palace hotel

  5. This new vision of urban space was realized in the superb square known as piazza pio ii and the buildings around it : the piccolomini palace, the borgia palace and the cathedral with its pure renaissance exterior and an interior in the late gothic style of south german churches