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  1. The negative correlation of the dry matter production to the age class of rhizome indicates level of significance ( p < 0. 05, po. ol ) in leymus chinensis, calamagrostis epigeios and c. rigidula populations

  2. The rhizome of grass, including leymus chinensis, hemarthria japonica, arundinella hirta, calamagrostis epigeios and c. ? rigidula populations, can normally live for 3 to 4 years which is the same as the age class

    羊草、牛鞭草、野古草、拂子茅和硬拂子茅種群根莖的存活年度一般為3 4年,根莖的齡級數與存活年度相同。
  3. The winter tiller is more than the spring tiller at quantity hi leymus chinensis, calamagrostis epigeios and c. rigidula population at the beginning growing season. it is an efficient strategy to increasing survival fitness and propagating potential for rhizome grass to grow many active and strong winter tillers

  4. An experiment has been conducted for investigating the rule of water consumption with three species of turfgrasses : kentucky bluegrass ( poa pratensis ), perennial ryegrass ( lolium perenne ), and tall fescue ( festuca arundinacea ) ; two kinds of irrigation water resources : tap water and sewage effluent ; and two kinds of irrigation methods : subsurface dripping irrigation and subsurface leaky pipe irrigation

  5. In a word, there are some achievements as following : 1 ) ecological restoration of the abrupt rock slope in high - cold area should adopt junior planting method. 2 ) the grass seeds for protecting slope in high - cold area should be anti - frost, anti - meager and extensive farming. there are some grass seeds recommended for ecological restoration, for example, kentucky bluegrass, ryegrass, coronilla, festuca arundinacea, sword - bamboo and euonymus fortunei

    ( 2 )高寒地區生態護坡的草種應選用具有抗寒、抗貧瘠和適宜粗放管理的冷季型草種,推薦使用的川西高寒地區生態護坡植物種屬為:草地早熟禾、黑麥草、小冠花、高羊茅的草種組合,劍竹灌木種,以及小葉扶芳藤藤蔓植物種。