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  1. The bud bank is composed of 3 age classes bud on leymus chinensis, arundinella hirta and hordeum brevisubulatum populations, 2 age classes bud on hemarthria japonica, calamagrostis epigeios and c. rigidula populations. the age structure of bud is obviously an increasing model in all of 6 grass species

    羊草、野古草和野大麥種群芽庫由3個齡級組成,牛鞭草、拂子茅和硬拂子茅種群由2個齡級組成, 6種禾草芽庫的年齡結構均為明顯的增長型。
  2. The negative correlation of the dry matter production to the age class of rhizome indicates level of significance ( p < 0. 05, po. ol ) in leymus chinensis, calamagrostis epigeios and c. rigidula populations

  3. The rhizome of grass, including leymus chinensis, hemarthria japonica, arundinella hirta, calamagrostis epigeios and c. ? rigidula populations, can normally live for 3 to 4 years which is the same as the age class

    羊草、牛鞭草、野古草、拂子茅和硬拂子茅種群根莖的存活年度一般為3 4年,根莖的齡級數與存活年度相同。
  4. The average length of spacer varies by hemarthria japonica > calamagrostis epigeios > leymus chinensis > c. rigidula > hierochloe glabra > arundinella hirta among 6 species of rhizome grass, and is very changeable for each species

    7種根莖禾草生殖生長比率平均為16 540 ,種間變異不大,生殖分配1平均為zi 010 ,變化范圍在14刀2 27
  5. Distribution and seasonal dynamics of sulfur in the plant - soil system in the calamagrostis angustifolia wetland in the sanjiang plain