n. 名詞 1. 雙馬四輪馬車;車篷。
2. (十八世紀女人的)皺紋絲頭巾[女帽]。


    1. About two o clock the following day a calash, drawn by a pair of magnificent english horses, stopped at the door of monte cristo and a person, dressed in a blue coat, with buttons of a similar color, a white waistcoat, over which was displayed a massive gold chain, brown trousers, and a quantity of black hair descending so low over his eyebrows as to leave it doubtful whether it were not artificial so little did its jetty glossiness assimilate with the deep wrinkles stamped on his features - a person, in a word, who, although evidently past fifty, desired to be taken for not more than forty, bent forwards from the carriage door, on the panels of which were emblazoned the armorial bearings of a baron, and directed his groom to inquire at the porter s lodge whether the count of monte cristo resided there, and if he were within

    2. " there, - that calash filled with roman peasants.

      「那兒,那輛滿載著羅馬農民的低輪馬車。 」
    3. And he threw himself back in the calash, not this time to sleep, but to think

    4. La mignotte was more than three leagues away from the station, and nana lost a good hour over the hire of a carriage, a huge, dilapidated calash, which rumbled slowly along to an accompaniment of rattling old iron

    5. Albert was right ; the fair unknown had resolved, doubtless, to carry the intrigue no farther ; for although the young men made several more turns, they did not again see the calash, which had turned up one of the neighboring streets