calcium hardness中文意思是什麼

calcium hardness解釋

  • calcium: n. 【化學】鈣。
  • hardness: n. 1. 堅固。2. 冷酷無情。3. 苛刻。4. 困難。5. 硬性;硬度。6. 飛彈基地防禦核攻擊的能力。

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  1. Chemicals. calcium carbide for the generation of acetylene

  2. He had slipped from hardness into affability.

  3. Method of analysis baryte for export. determinationof water - solluble alkaline earth metals as calcium

  4. The crystal is applied to the papermaking that can raise whiteness and non - transparency, remains - proportion of the crystal is higher than the usual light calcium carbonate. as for plastics, it can improve impact strength in the plastics, its inhibiting - burning capability is advancing bigger than the common inhibiting - burning material of magnesium hydroxide. concerning the thermo tropic adhesives, the physical property of compound - packing is higher than the one of single - packing, namely remover strength, softening point, hardness, climate tolerance and the speed of consolidation are high

  5. The source of hardness of water is the existence of dissolved calcium, magnesium and other metallic ions, which is harmless to humans