calculation based on batch quantity中文意思是什麼

calculation based on batch quantity解釋

  • calculation: n. 1. 計算,計演算法。2. 推定,預測。3. 深思熟慮,精打細算;慎重的計劃;算計。
  • based: 基準
  • on: adv 1 〈接觸、覆蓋〉上去;開(opp off)。 turn on the light [radio water gas] 開電燈[收音機、自來...
  • batch: n. 1. (麵包等的)一爐。2. 一次投料量;一次生產量。3. 一宗,一批,一束,一組,一群。4. 【計算機】成批(工作)。
  • quantity: n 1 量 (opp quality); 分量,數量;額;【物理學】值,參量。2 〈pl 〉大量,大宗,大批,許多。3 定...

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  1. In the end, the paper demonstrates the application of the model with two listed companies in china, younger and kelong. it makes some calculation based on the initial experts grading, and gets basic status of the two companies by the analysis of weights, relative importance and effect of each factor. the results from the model are not contradictious to those from professional credit rating companies, who usually evaluate firms through financial analysis and on - site investigation

  2. And a back - of - the - envelope calculation based on the 1. 8m sorts of organism recognised so far as species under the linnaean system, on the rate at which new species are being discovered and on such ecological matters as the average number of parasites ( themselves new species ) that each free - living species harbours, suggests the final total may be around 30m

  3. The rate of single event upset ( seu ) for space - based missions has been predicted by means of ground - based particle accelerator test and simulation calculation based on models of space radiation environment and the interaction of ions with the microelectronic device

  4. Abstract : the comprehensive fem analysis for the shimen arch dam and its abutment is carried out as an example to demonstrate the proposed method utilizing the monitoring data for calculation. based on teh back analysis of permeability coefficient and tensile strength of the seam between dam and foundation, the 3 | d seepage flow and elastoplastic fem analysis of arch dam and its abutment are conducted. the safety factor against sliding of arch dam is determined using some different methods to verify the stability of the dam

  5. Based on the quantity limitation of supply chain parther selection, this paper describes that the key enterprise should think of the quantity limitation of supply chain partner when it selects partners