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  • calling: n. 1. 呼,喚,叫喊;點名。2. 招請,召集,號召;(神的)感召,天命;天職。3. 職業。4. 名稱。5. 訪問,到來;停靠(口岸)。6. 慾望;雌貓的叫春(期)。
  • station: n 1 站,臺,車站;航空站,機場。2 派出所;署,局,所。3 【無線電】電臺,電視臺。 4 駐地,部戍地,...

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  1. He was always neatly and quietly dressed in accordance with his age and station.

  2. This thesis tries to solve the problems in the design and construction of jinping cascade 2 hydropower station. a typical section is selected to analysis seepage, seepage control and fem numerical simulation. the influence of different plans of excavation and support on seepage field of subsurface water and stability of adjoining rock are studied. the homologous support pattern is suggested according to the research results

  3. Relay station of afferent nerve

  4. The aircraft was calling the control station at the airport

  5. Calling subscriber identification. optional signal indicates that the following frame is an identification of the calling station. used to provide additional security to fax procedure